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The best places to meet Portugal transgenders will be in Lisbon and Porto. It shouldn’t come as any surprise that the largest cities in the country will have the most to offer when it comes to the LGBT scene.

This is known as a pretty tolerant country towards the LGBT movement. While you can’t really find any full on trans bars near you there are plenty of sexy ts girls around partying at the various LGBT bars. In fact many of them will put on live drag shows multiple nights a week.

That way you can watch some hot shemale cabaret performances, maybe hit on a drag queen, or find more sexy ts girls partying in the crowd. We aren’t sure if this is one of the better places to meet trans in Europe, but for a country of its size there is more to offer than you might expect.

We have a nice list of 5 LGBT bars in Lisbon and a few more in Porto where sexy Portugal transgenders are known to hang out at. If you spend enough time in them you are certainly going to come across what you are looking for.

There are also many transexual escort services for guys that just want to pay for a quick hook up. Plus we will be telling you about the best ts dating site in the world which is growing in popularity here.

Meeting Lisbon Transgenders

If you want to try to meet Lisbon transgenders then there are probably five LGBT bars that are better than the rest. There are no guarantees when it comes to trying to meet trans near you, you might visit on nights when there are none out and about.

Other nights there might be a handful of sexy ts girls who are all eyeing you up the moment you walk in your first bar. There is a lot of variance here, and the more time you spend on the hunt the more success you will have.

The below listed LGBT bars are known to be good trans bars in Lisbon and many put on live drag shows. We would suggest you check the links before you visit to see if they have any upcoming transexual or drag events planned:

You may also want to check out the Lisbon Meets The Fetish event which goes down every September.

Trans Bars In Porto

OK, calling these trans bars in Porto is overstating it, but transgenders are known to frequent these LGBT bars. Plus they will put on live drag shows as well:

Once again we highly suggest you head to the links given to see if any trans events are coming up. If you know the right nights to go the odds of you not seeing any ladyboys are much slimmer.

Also when you go out looking for transgenders in Portugal ask around about any LGBT parties or places to meet ts girls that are underground. We listed some options in Lisbon and Porto, but there are probably more out there that we aren’t aware of yet.

Portugal Shemale Escorts

Some guys just want to hook up with a Portugal shemale but not go out to a LGBT bar or try to pick them up. We aren’t in the business of promoting prostitution so won’t be giving any links or mentioning any escort services, but we also aren’t judging if that is what you want to do.

A Google search for Portugal transgender escorts, Lisbon shemale escorts, or Porto travesti online hookers will pop up plenty of options. Online prostitution is becoming more and more popular around the globe and many sexy ts girls are taking advantage of it. Some Asian ladyboys living here may also offer ts massage.

Online Dating Portugal Transgenders

Our last section is about trying to meet Portugal transgenders online on t4m dating sites. The biggest and best ts dating site in the world is MyLadyboyDate and it is the best resource any ladyboy lover could ever have.

We all know that it can be really hard to actually find trans out in public. You can go out to the right LGBT bars on the right nights when they are having a trans event and still not find any ts near you.

Plus many guys aren’t exactly looking to go party in bars like that. Maybe they don’t like the scene, maybe they want to be discreet and would be scared of bumping into someone they know.

T4m online dating gives you so much discretion, plus it really speeds up the process. There are thousands of sexy trans around Europe on the site looking for a life partner, dating, or just to hook up and have some fun.

You can not only chat with trans in Portugal, but also in any neighboring country, or on the other side of the world. MyLadyboyDate is the biggest, the best, and the most likely place for you to find your perfect ts girl match.

Now you know of the best places to meet Portugal transgenders in Lisbon and Porto for ts dating or hook ups, it is up to you to make it happen.

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