Best Places To Meet Transgenders In Russia

Transgenders near you Russia t4m dating St Petersburg

Unfortunately the best places to meet transgenders in Russia are going to be few and far between. As most know this is not a tolerant country to the LGBT movement at all, so many people remain in the closet afraid to come out and let the world know how they really feel.

They certainly cannot be blamed for that, if you were a transgender in Russia you probably would do the same. Not only because some people may not accept you, but also because of legitimate safety concerns.

The LGBT movement is really making a lot of progress across the globe, we are all hoping that this country will finally start to catch up at some point. There are some LGBT bars in Moscow and Saint Petersburg, but finding shemales in either is not common.

You might be able to see a live drag show and hope that there are some sexy ts girls in the crowd to party with, but there are no guarantees. Luckily the internet does allow for added discretion, and we will be telling you about the best ladyboy dating site in the world that can be of great assistance to you.

There have also been quite a few searches for trans strip clubs around Russia but we are not aware of any at the moment. Rest assured that if some open up this post will have the info added.

But before we get into t4m online dating lets get a quick safety warning out of the way first.

Discreet LGBT Nightlife

If you are looking for transgenders in Russia you really need to be discreet about it. If you head to an LGBT pick up bar or are lucky enough to find a place where many trans hang out then you need to be as discreet as possible.

Don’t go standing out in front of the bar smoking a cigarette, and don’t waste any time getting to and from the venue. There are many bigots around, and violence at gay or LGBT bars is not unheard of.

If you are trying to meet a Russian transgender online on a t4m dating site be sure to take extra precautions. Do a video call with them before you meet so you know they are real and then set up the first meet in a safe place. A hotel or apartment with security at the door would be good, or a crowded public place where you don’t think someone would try anything.

We are not trying to scare you, but these are steps you need to take here, and if you visit Ukraine expect things to be the same.

Meeting Transgenders In Moscow

There is not a huge LGBT nightlife scene in Moscow but transgenders do come out from time to time. Maybe they will just be partying at a gay bar, or maybe there will be a live drag show with sexy drag queen’s performing and more hot ts girls in the crowd.

In just about any city on the planet you can’t go out expecting to hook up with a sexy trans and in Moscow that is even more true. Maybe you get lucky and find some shemales out partying, but many nights you will not run into many. With that said if you head to the right LGBT bars you will give yourself the best possible chance:

We tried to include as many links to these potential trans bars in Moscow so you could see if they mention any upcoming drag shows, shemale cabaret’s, or trans events coming up in the future. You could also head to these LGBT friendly bars and nightclubs to see if there are any underground parties that you should know about.

Meeting Transgenders In Saint Petersburg

You will find an even smaller LGBT scene in Saint Petersburg but transgenders can be found if you have the time and patience to make it happen. You might go to one of the LGBT friendly bars or nightclubs listed here and get super lucky and have five sexy ts girls eyeing you the minute you walk through the door.

More likely you will hop from bar to bar and not see any, but you won’t know until you try. Some of the best bars and clubs to meet transgenders in Saint Petersburg are:

  • Central Station
  • Malevich
  • Bunker
  • Blue Oyster

There are some live drag queen shows here as well, particularly at Central Station and Malevich. If you are looking to meet Russian transgenders in Novosibirsk or Yekaterinburg we sadly do not know of any trans hot spots in those cities, if you have any info on ts dating in Novosibirsk, Yekaterinburg, or any other cities in the country please leave it in the comments below.

TS Escort Services

You can find Russian ts escort services online pretty easily. Just because there aren’t many transgenders out partying in the nightlife that doesn’t mean they aren’t around.

We don’t really like to promote prostitution so won’t be linking you to any trans escort agencies or independent call girls. A simple online search for transsexual escorts in Moscow, shemale escorts in Saint Petersburg, or any form of ts girls in what city you are looking should pop up all the info you need.

The t4m section of Craigslist will often lead to more online prostitutes or ladyboy massage services.

Online Dating With Russian Transgenders

The largest transgender dating site in the world is MyLadyboyDate. If you are going to find hot Russian ts girls for dating, hook ups, or want to find a life partner this will be the top t4m site that you can use.

There are thousands of sexy transvestites across Europe and tens of thousands around the globe. Russia is not one of their more popular countries as of now, but in the future hopefully more trans will feel comfortable coming out and living the life they want to live.

If they do MyLadyboyDate will be the main place to find hot t girls near you.

Now you know about the best places to meet transgenders in Russia for dating or hook ups, remember to stay discreet when you are searching.

Transgenders near you Moscow ladyboys Russia ts dating

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