Best Places To Meet Transgenders In Bakersfield

Transgender dating Bakersfield ladyboy bars near you

After you read this post you will know everything there is to know about the best places to meet transgenders in Bakersfield. From the most popular LGBT bars that can turn into trans hot spots at any time to live drag shows to a great discreet t4m online dating site we have plenty to talk about here.

However when it comes to trying to pick up TS at bars or clubs in your area you need to remember it is likely going to take some patience. They are still a tiny percentage of the population so tracking them down out in public isn’t always easy. The t4m dating site can help alleviate that, but we will cover it more later.

Most of us have realized that the way the world views transsexuals is a whole lot different today than it was even 5 years ago. That is great and we need to hope that as this country continues to progress in the right direction more and more Bakersfield transgenders will feel comfortable coming out and living the life they want to live.

For now all we can do is deal with the situation at hand, so you can try to visit some of the upcoming LGBT bars and clubs we are about to list. Or you can try to use that discreet ts dating site to meet ladyboys near you online.

Over the past couple of years we have been noticing more searches for local trans strip clubs on our site. For the time being we are not aware of any but if that changes we will update you, and there has also been plenty of interest in finding shemale sex massage and escorts but those topics are not really in our wheelhouse.

Either way you choose we hope you eventually find what you are looking for.

Potential Trans Bars In Bakersfield

We always like to phrase this as potential because most of these are LGBT bars and clubs, not specifically transgender bars in Bakersfield, but your best shot will be:

A few years ago we definitely would have listed The Nile which had some awesome live drag shows but unfortunately it is closed now. Currently the best place to meet TS in Bakersfield is going to be Casablanca Nightclub as they have many live drag shows and other trans events. The Mint is more of a mixed LGBT bar.

You should follow the links we gave to see if any of the above mention any drag shows or transgender events on their list of upcoming events. Another strategy you can take would be to visit the potential ts bars near you on any night that Ru Paul’s Drag Race is airing.

They will often have viewing parties and there should be some shemales there to watch the show and party afterwards. You can use that same strategy at any LGBT bars in this city or pretty much anywhere.

At the top of the post we pointed out that tranny strip clubs in your area are getting a lot of interest these days. We do not know of any currently but if that changes we will surely let you know.

If you don’t really want to go to any of the above spots for fear of being spotted we understand, you may want to travel a bit outside of your home town. We have listed ts hot spots in LA, Fresno, and San Diego if you don’t mind taking a little drive.

Or just keep reading for a discreet way to meet single local ts girls online.

Meeting Transgenders Online

Things are definitely trending the right way but it is still safe to assume that many of you reading this aren’t going to want to hang out in an LGBT bar hoping for a sexy and single ladyboy to walk in. We totally get that, this scene is not for everyone plus there is the whole discretion angle at play as well.

Luckily enough there is another way to make this happen, and it is kind of like trans speed dating because it can save you a ton of time and potentially awkward moments. MyLadyboyDate is the biggest t4m online dating site in the world and it is thriving all across this country.

You might just be shocked at how many ts users there are already on it, all across California you will find many who are looking to meet and date new people. Not only is using a t4m dating site a fast way to meet hot transsexuals in your area quickly, it is also your most discreet option.

If you go out to party at an LGBT nightclub you never really know who you are going to run into and it doesn’t take long for something to spread like wild fire through your social network. However if you use MyLadyboyDate to meet local trans in Bakersfield online nobody else is ever going to know, or at least not until you tell them.

If you want to quickly, efficiently, and discreetly meet sexy ladyboys near you one option ticks all the boxes. We used to recommend the t4m section of Craigslist, now don’t bother as it is just trans escorts, ladyboy massage services and scammers which you don’t want any part of.

At this point you know about all of the best places to meet transgenders in Bakersfield for ts dating or hook ups, give it a shot so you don’t regret waiting any longer.

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