How To Meet Phoenix Trans Women In 2024 (Bars + Online)

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As of our most recent update the best places to meet transgenders in Phoenix will usually be at bars or nightclubs that have drag shows or other related events taking place like Ru Paul’s Drag Race watch parties. They are often LGBTQ bars or clubs and may not be exactly what you were hoping for, but right now they will be your best option.

When it comes to trying to meet up with Phoenix trans women the bars near you may not be full of ts and the people who are looking to meet them, but there should be more in them than any other random place in the city.

Hopefully our ts bar map can point you somewhere close to where you are at and after the nightlife is out of the way we will move on to the best t4m dating site on the planet which works great when trying to meet trans in your area, and it will be particularly helpful in suburbs like Scottsdale, Tempe, Glendale, Mesa and even Gilbert or Chandler.

A few links and resources that may help you and some of the ts-girls who have found this post will come next before we briefly share some thoughts on topics like trans strip clubs, escorts, brothels and ladyboy massage spas which get searched for on our site daily.

Whether you found our site by searching for Phoenix transsexuals, shemales, ts-girls, ladyboys, or any other slang those are all referring to the same type of people and since most prefer to be referred to as trans or transgenders we will respect their wishes and generally use that terminology.

We have also written about the best ways to meet Southwestern trans women many times if you want to read through our other city guides.

Best Bars To Meet Trans Women In Phoenix

Here is a list of the best Phoenix trans bars and nightclubs:

  • Cruisin’7th – 3702 N 7th St
  • Karamba Nightclub – 1724 E McDowell Rd
  • Stacy’s @ Melrose – 4343 N 7th Ave
  • Charlie’s – 727 W Camelback Rd
  • Kobalt – 3110 N Central Ave #175
  • The Rock – 4129 N 7th Ave
  • Pat O’s – 4428 7th Ave
  • Plazma Bar – 1560 E Osborn Rd
  • BS West – 7125 E 5th Ave Rear, Scottsdale

That ts bar map should make things a little easier on you and as you can see many of these hot spots are located along 7th Avenue in the Melrose District. As stated in the intro those are mostly LGBTQ bars and nightclubs or other venues that have drag shows.

Don’t expect these to be pick up bars full of trans women and the guys who want to try and hook up with them as those don’t exist at the moment.

Unfortunately Club Volt has closed down so we removed them from the list. Just in case you were interested there are plenty of good drag bars in Las Vegas, LA and San Diego if you are up for a drive.


Cruisin’7th has been a great gay and trans friendly bar in Phoenix since opening back in 1977 that stays open from 6am to 2am seven days a week. It is frequently voted best local LGBT bar by the New Times, and even better they have transgender pole dancers at 10pm on Sunday nights which is the closest thing to a trans strip club near you that you will find currently.

Karamba Nightclub

Head over to Karamba Nightclub which opened in 1989 from 9pm to 2am Sunday through Thursday and until 4am on weekend nights if hooking up with Phoenix trans women is the goal. This very popular LGBTQ nightclub brings out all types and they provide drag karaoke on Mondays along with live drag shows on Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

But ts party at this hot spot frequently so any night could be the right one.

Stacy’s @ Melrose

Stacy’s @ Melrose opens at noon every day while closing at 2am Wednesday through Saturday and midnight the rest of the week. They offer drag karaoke on Mondays along with regularly scheduled drag shows on Tuesdays, Fridays, and Sundays.

They have plenty of other transsexual related events that aren’t weekly things so check their events lists.


Charlie’s is a country western themed LGBTQ hot spot that opened in 1984 and you can grab a drink there from 2pm to 2am Monday through Thursday, 2pm to 4am on Friday, 12pm to 4am on Saturday and from 12pm to 2am on Sunday.

They have drag karaoke on Mondays, drag Bingo on Tuesdays, and live drag shows Wednesday through Sunday so there will always be a chance to meet ladyboys near you every night of the week.


Best drag shows Phoenix meet transsexuals bars near you

Kobalt is a trendy LGBTQ bar that you can party at from 4pm to 1am Monday through Thursday, 4pm to 2am on Friday, 11am to 2am on Saturday and from 12pm to 1am on Sunday.

Kobalt opened in 2006 and is currently home to a variety of popular drag shows including The Queer Agenda at 9:30pm on Tuesdays, Cirque Du So Trey at 8pm on Thursdays, The 4Some Revue at 10pm on Fridays and Follies at 7pm on Saturdays though any night of the week they could have something going on.

The Rock

From 2pm to 2am Monday through Friday and starting at 11am on weekends you can try to meet ts in your area at The Rock which opened back in 2012. Expect to find the drag shows every Wednesday night as well as on most Sundays.

Other trans related events take place, and their karaoke nights on Friday, Saturday, and Monday are some of the hottest parties in the Melrose District.

Pat O’s

You can try to meet local trans women in Phoenix at Pat O’s from 8am to 2am Monday through Saturday and from 10am to 2am on Sunday. They host a drag Bingo night every first Wednesday of the month, plus other on and off events.


Plazma is a dive bar with a mostly LGBTQ crowd that doesn’t have much of an online presence so we don’t really have any links or schedules of upcoming events to share. With that said readers of this site would probably be best off visiting on weekend nights when it gets busier and they have drag shows.

BS West In Scottsdale

Where to meet shemales Phoenix trans strip clubs Scottsdale escorts

BS West is a popular LGBTQ bar that opened in 1988 and is currently one of the best places to meet ts-girls in Scottsdale from 6pm to 2am on Monday and Tuesday, 4pm to 2am on Wednesday and Thursday, and from 2pm to 2am Friday through Sunday.

Expect to find live drag shows or other trans related events many nights of the week, while Wednesday through Saturday may be of the most interest to you.

Local T4M Online Dating

Since there aren’t any perfect bar or nightlife options the best way meet trans in your area of Phoenix is going to be online by using MyTransgenderDate which was established all the way back in 2013. Over the years it has grown into the biggest and best trans dating site on the planet with over 125,000 users worldwide.

The local ts bar scene isn’t great yet and some might be a little shy to go out in it anyways. You never know who you might come across on a night out and some people have big mouths and love to talk about others.

Some of you reading this might be worried that friends or family might somehow see them in the local ts bar scene or that you might bump into some co-workers that could lead to problems at the work place.

Just think about how much easier and more discreet it will be for you to contact a lot of Phoenix transsexuals in a very short amount of time on MyTransgenderDate. Enjoy a nice chat, maybe have a video call and when you find the one you like take the next step.

Whether you want serious ts dating near you, a life partner, or just a casual fling and hooking up there will probably be someone for you on MyTransgenderDate. A group of trans women run the site and they put a ton of effort into keeping it a safe space for the entire community.

Signing up is free so it can’t hurt to take a look and see if anyone catches your eye. This section will be the best way to meet trans women in suburbs like Scottsdale, Tempe, Glendale, Mesa and even Gilbert or Chandler if you don’t want to drive down to the Melrose District.

Local TS bars drag shows Phoenix meet ladyboys your area

TS Strip Clubs, Escorts & Sex Massage

Phoenix trans strip clubs, escorts and sex massage spas are always getting searched for on our site but for a variety of reasons we aren’t comfortable discussing the paid ts sex scene too deeply. If you want to hire a trans prostitute near you or visit a sex massage spa with ladyboys working we aren’t judging you, but for legal reasons we can’t promote any kind of prostitution, shemale or otherwise.

Just remember to proceed with caution, don’t believe everything you read online and always wear a condom with a trans escort or when paying for sex at a local ts brothel or sex massage spa with ladyboys just as you should with any prostitute or sex worker.

If we knew of any transgender strip clubs in Phoenix we would certainly mention them but as of our last check they aren’t around yet. However remember that Cruisin 7th does have trans women pole dancers at 10pm on Sunday nights and most guys around the country aren’t close to anything like that.

If any other options open up or if we hear about any ts stripper nights at some of the gentleman’s clubs around the city we will be sure to update this post accordingly.

Other Links & Resources

Now we briefly want to share a few transgender and other LGBQ links and resources:

Don’t forget that the majority of the ts hot spots are in the Melrose District along 7th Avenue so if you are ever in doubt just spend more time there and eventually you will cross paths with someone you are looking for.

And there will be many parties going on during Pride in April that will give you plenty more opportunities.

Enjoy Meeting Phoenix Trans Women

How and where to meet Phoenix trans women in your area including the top ts bars and nightclubs with frequent drag shows or other related events were just covered in full detail. You also learned about the best t4m online dating site in the world MyTransgenderDate which works great here and has over 125,000 members across the planet.

Whether you came to our site in search of ladyboys near you, shemales, transsexuals, ts-girls, or any other term you now should feel ready to plan your next move.

We really hope you enjoy meeting transgenders in Phoenix at the bars, nightclubs, or through the dating site.

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