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Local transgender dating Salt Lake City ladyboy bars near you

The best places to meet transgenders in Salt Lake City will usually be at certain bars or nightclubs that have drag shows or other related events going on just as they are in most cities in the Southwest. You probably have already noticed that you don’t see too many local ts out and about in your day to day life, but we bet you probably see more than you used to.

When it comes to trying to meet up with Salt Lake City trans women the bars near you we are about to list will be your best option currently, even if they may not be exactly what you are hoping for. We only say that last part because these are usually just going to be LGBTQ bars or clubs, not bars full of ts and the people who are looking to meet them.

You have to remember that transgenders only make up a small percent of the population so this is going to take some time and patience on your part. On the other hand we will also be filling you in on the best t4m dating site on the planet which works great when trying to meet trans in your area.

Starting things off will be a list of the best ts bars to try to meet some at before we also cover the t4m online dating scene in town and share a few links and resources that may help you and some of the ts-girls who have found this post. And because we get a lot of searches for some more adult topics like trans strip clubs, escorts, brothels and ladyboy massage spas we will even be discussing some brief health and safety tips for dealing with any of the above if we won’t be sharing any specific locations or info on how to find them.

Plus there will be a ts bar map to help you figure out which venue is closest to you right now. Whether you got here by searching for Salt Lake City transsexuals, ladyboys, shemales, ts-girls, or any other slang those are all referring to the same type of people and since most prefer to be referred to as trans or transgenders we will respect their wishes and generally use that terminology.

Best Trans Bars In Salt Lake City

Here is a list of the best Salt Lake City trans bars and nightclubs:

  • Club Try-Angles – 251 W 900 S
  • Metro Music Hall – 615 W 100 S
  • Sun Trapp – 102 S 600 W
  • Why Kiki – 69 W 100 S
  • Twilite Lounge – 347 E 200 S

We always like to throw in the disclaimer that the above are mostly LGBTQ bars and nightclubs, or other venues that have drag shows. While you do have more options than you would have a decade ago don’t expect these to be pick up bars full of trans women and the guys who want to attempt to hook up with them.

You might be able to meet a drag queen performer, there could be some other ts in the crowd enjoying the night, or you might end up not finding anyone new to talk to and if that is the case the upcoming online dating section will be your best chance to make anything happen soon.

Unfortunately Moose Lounge has closed otherwise they surely would have been included. By the way we have covered the TS nightlife in Las Vegas, Phoenix, Colorado Springs and Denver already if you want to see what they have to offer.

Club Try-Angles

Club Try-Angles first opened in 2002 and you can party there starting at 4pm on weekdays, 6pm on Saturday and 2pm on Sunday. One particular night of the meet to visit to try and meet SLC trans women would be the last Wednesday of the month for their very popular Those B!tches drag show.

We are linking you to their Facebook Group below where they are always updating their next ts related events which can include drag bingo, Ru Paul’s Drag Race viewing parties and more.

Metro Music Hall

Best drag shows SLC meet transsexuals bars your area

If the name doesn’t fill you in Metro Music Hall is a live performance venue so you can’t just blindly go there any night of the week hoping to hook up with local transgenders, you will need to be picky and choose the right shows or events if you hope to find some ts in the crowd.

Be on the lookout for the Viva La Diva Shows which are pretty frequent but they are not the only drag shows taking place at Metro Music Hall.

Sun Trapp

Sun Trapp is a popular LGBTQ bar that opened in 1991 and likes to bill itself as the ‘oldest operating queer space in Utah.’ Unlike Metro you don’t need to be quite as choosy when it comes to visiting for the right event, but you will still find more transsexuals near you there if some kind of drag show or other related party is taking place.

They keep regular hours of 1pm to 2am Monday through Thursday and from 11am to 2am Friday through Sunday.

Why Kiki

Where to meet shemales Salt Lake City trans strip clubs escorts

Why Kiki is a relatively new bar that opened in 2021 and they put on some great drag shows every Saturday night with seating starting at 7pm and the show beginning at 8pm. There are also drag brunches on Sunday with seating starting at 11am and shows kicking off at noon.

Their hours of operation are from 5pm to 12am on Wednesday, 5pm to 2am Thursday through Saturday and from 11am to 1am on Sunday but they are closed on Monday and Tuesday.

Local T4M Online Dating

If you want to meet trans in your area of Salt Lake City online use MyTransgenderDate which was established all the way back in 2013 and currently it is the biggest and best trans dating site on the planet with hundreds of thousands of users worldwide.

While society is becoming more open minded by the day not every guy wants to go out and party in the local ts bar scene. Some might be worried that friends or family might somehow see them there or maybe you bump into some co-workers that could lead to problems at the work place.

Plenty of others might just not like the pick up bar and nightclub scene and would prefer to meet people online no matter if they are transsexuals, girls, or guys. That is very common these days, most relationships start through some form of online dating.

Nothing will make it easier and more discreet for you to contact a lot of Salt Lake City transgenders in a very short amount of time than using MyTransgenderDate. Even in some fertile hunting grounds like the top ts bars near you it isn’t likely that you are going to meet more than a handful of trans on a given night, heck even that is pushing it.

But the speed that t4m online dating offers will help you to contact hundreds in a matter of hours. Then you can chat with them, maybe have a video call and when you find the one you like you can go ahead and meet up.

No matter if you are looking for serious ts dating, a life partner, or just casual dating and hooking up there will probably be someone for you on MyTransgenderDate. Even better, the site is run by a group of trans women and they put a ton of effort into keeping it a safe space for the entire community.

If you are looking for the best places to meet trans in your area the answers are the bars and nightclubs we just listed and this site, hopefully you can make the most of them.

Local TS bars drag shows Salt Lake City meet ladyboys your area online

TS Strip Clubs, Escorts & Sex Massage

We get tons of searches on our site for Salt Lake City trans strip clubs, escorts and sex massage spas but we have to admit they are not really in our wheelhouse. We have no problems with anyone who wants to hire a trans prostitute near you or visit a sex massage spa with ladyboys working, have your fun however you want to.

For legal reasons we don’t really want to get deeply involved with promoting any kind of prostitution, shemale or otherwise. Our only words of advice would be to proceed with caution, don’t believe everything you read online and always wear a condom with a trans escort or when paying for sex at a local ts brothel or sex massage spa with ladyboys just as you should with any prostitute or sex worker.

At this time we do not know of any transgender strip clubs in Salt Lake City but if any open up or if we hear about any ts stripper nights at other gentleman’s clubs around the city we will be sure to let you know.

Other Links & Resources

Now we briefly want to share a few transgender and other LGBQ links and resources:

You can also expect there to be plenty of opportunities to party with hot t girls during Pride in June.

Enjoy Meeting Salt Lake City Transgenders

At this point you have been fully filled in on how and where to meet Salt Lake City transgenders in your area. The top ts bars and nightclubs with frequent drag shows or other related events were broken down in full detail.

You learned about the best t4m online dating site in the world MyTransgenderDate which can work well here and has over 125,000 members around the globe. Whether you came here in search of ladyboys near you, shemales, transsexuals, ts-girls, or any other term you now should be fully prepared to make your next move.
We really hope you enjoy meeting transgenders in Salt Lake City at the bars, nightclubs, or through the dating site!

Date ladyboys online Salt Lake City best transgender bars shemales

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