Best Places To Meet Transgenders In Milan

Meet sexy transgenders Milan drag queen t4m dating

The best places to meet transgenders in Milan are definitely going to also be the best places to meet ladyboys in Italy. This is a very forward thinking and liberal city that is known for its style, fashion, and open minded behavior.

The LGBT scene is very strong here, and people are much more tolerant of others than some other cities in the country and the region. The trans movement is certainly growing worldwide, and this has been the best place to meet ts girls in Italy for awhile now.

It does need to be pointed out that many of the transgenders in Milan are escorts or prostitutes. They will be out partying at some of the finest nightclubs in the city or LGBT bars, and often times they are looking for a customer.

There are also many ladyboy escort services in Italy, this city and Rome would be where you can find the most. Somewhere like Naples or Turin things will be a lot harder. When researching this post we read that a reported 10% of the prostitutes in Milan are transgenders.

That means many of the ts near you are online escorts, but they will be out and about in the LGBT nightlife district in Porta Venezia and trendiest nightclubs around the city. Particularly when there is a major fashion event going on here the ts girls will be flocking into town.

If you were hoping to take a little trip here for some Italian tranny delights then try and do so when a major fashion event is here. If you time it right you will be partying with Asian ladyboys, Latin American shemales, and European transgenders in your area as well.

There is definitely a lot to offer here, on top of the trans escort services and LGBT nightclubs there is also a great t4m ladyboy dating site we will tell you about at the end of this guide.

Be sure to stick around for our local transgender bar map at the end. We do need to point out that we have tried to confirm these bars plan to stay open long term but given the current world situation finding shemales out partying will be harder now than ever before.

Meeting Trans At Nightclubs

Meeting transgenders in Milan nightclubs and LGBT bars is never a guarantee. Even though this city has more ts girls than most they still are not super prevalent around town.

If you head to the bars and nightclubs in the Porta Venezia LGBT nightlife district that trans in your area like to visit that we will be listing soon you will give yourself the best shot, but don’t be surprised if you have to venue change multiple times until you find them. Also remember that many of them will be high class shemale escorts or prostitutes who will be expecting to be paid.

Some LGBT bars and nightclubs to meet trans are:

  • Amnesia – Via Alfonso Gatto angolo Viale Forlanini
  • Mono – Via Panfilo Castaldi, Via Lecco, 6
  • La Boum – Via Pietrasanta, 16
  • Plastic – Via Gargano, 15
  • No Lo So – Via Luigi Varanini, 5
  • Butterfly – Via Padova 21

Unfortunately KO Club and Blanco have both closed over the recent years. Remember during the major fashion events there will be even more shemales from around the world coming to party here. You can find plenty of live drag queen shows in Milan, check the links to the above clubs and see if they have any cross dressing or drag parties planned when you are in town. Generally Club Plastic has their local ladyboy cabaret shows on Saturday nights.

For an even kinkier option you can go to Nautilus Prive which is a swingers club that specializes in bi and TS parties. They host all sorts of events for Milan travesti and guys who want to experiment with them sexually.

This post has tips on spotting transgenders.

Ladyboy Escorts In Milan

The online escort business is flourishing in Europe these days, just like it is in much of the world. Many of the Italian escort agencies have transsexuals working for them as well.

If you did want to find ladyboy escorts just hop on Google and search for any form of trans or ladyboy escort in Milan and you will find all of the info you need. We do not like to link out to sex workers and do not really think they are necessary when ts dating in Milan is possible, but we are not going to judge any guys who want to use them as that is your choice.

We think with how easy it is to date ladyboys in Italy when using the resource in our next section that there isn’t much of a point to paying for sex, but again we aren’t here to judge. If you go the ts escort route be careful on the t4m section of Craigslist as it is loaded with scams and stings.

Dating Transgenders In Milan

Most guys probably aren’t going to be interested in contacting some transgender escort service in Milan, and others are going to have no interest in partying at LGBT clubs or going to drag shows in your area. In the modern world the way most people hook up or find dates is with online dating.

Well MyLadyboyDate is the world’s largest dating site to meet ts girls and there are many transgenders in Milan using it. Plus you can contact the thousands of trans all around Europe, and tens of thousands all around the globe.

If you are the type that is looking for discretion and wants to dip your toe in the t4m dating game without letting the world know you are all the way in then this trans dating network is by far the best resource you are going to find. While the world is becoming a more tolerant place not everyone is ready to be seen holding hands with a transsexual in public.

Or being seen partying in a LGBT bar or watching some ladyboy cabaret performance. But thanks to t4m online dating you can contact hundreds of ts girls in an hour without ever leaving the comfort of your own home.

That way you can chat with them for as long as you like until you decide that you really do want to meet them. When you go out to some LGBT club you may only come across one or two trans near you in a night, and they may already have a date with them.

That doesn’t give you many options, and you just kind of have to settle with whoever you see out and about. But when you are t4m online dating you have all the options you could ever want and can make sure you are finding the right local trans, some will just want a hook up while others are searching for a life partner, guys who are looking for the best places to meet transgenders in Milan can find whatever they are after on MyLadyboyDate.

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