The Best Ways To Tell If Someone Is A Transgender

Tips spotting ladyboys tell transgender man or woman

Today we are going to talk about the best ways to tell if someone is a transgender. This most often comes up when guys travel and are going places where they are more common.

Like when a guy goes to Asia the first time and has heard about how many Thai ladyboys there are. He may want to get some tips on how he can tell a girl and a ladyboy apart from one another.

The same may be true for the many shemales in Rio de Janeiro, or at any of the other places across the globe where many transgenders are around. There are many similar articles like this one across the internet, we thought we should share our view on the subject.

Whether you want to look for physical characteristics of transgenders or personality traits we have a good list for you. We aren’t going to call them the ‘8 best’ or ’10 top tips’ we are just going to share what we know and see how many we come up with.

They aren’t necessarily in any order, but the ones at the top are going to be the easiest to spot. Lets start with the one we think is the most obvious.

Transgenders Are Overly Feminine

If you are in doubt whether you are looking at or talking with a transgender take a minute or two to watch their behavior. When they walk do they swing their hips like they are on the catwalk in Milan?

Do they seem like they are trying to put on a performance? And overacting at that? Generally transgenders are going to go too far in their acting like a woman and make it obvious.

It isn’t always the case, but usually it is.

Does Their Voice Sound Weird?

If their overly feminine characteristics aren’t the biggest tell then their voice probably will be. We aren’t even sure how to describe this one as it can come in a variety of ways, but if something sounds unnatural then it probably is.

Just as ladyboys will often try to act overly feminine they also will try to sound overly feminine. Really high or screechy voices, or just something not sounding right are another easy thing to spot.

Men Are Bigger Than Women

Generally speaking someone who is born a man is going to be bigger than someone who is born a woman. We all know this, and it is another good way to figure out who you are dealing with.

Do they have big hands or feet? Are they taller than most women in the room? Do they have more muscles than most women? If the answers to these are yes then you are adding up more clues.

Broad Shoulders & Adam’s Apple

Another key thing when trying to spot a transgender is these physical characteristics that are easy to notice. Women are not born with an adam’s apple, men are, if the person you are talking to has one then there ya go.

Women and men also have different body shapes most of the time. Men have broader shoulders, women have wider hips. A shemale is going to have the broad shoulders of a man and not as much junk in the trunk, at least if they are in shape.

Add Up The Clues

The above are by far the best ways to spot a transgender, if you want to know who you are talking to or looking at then go through the checklist. The more times you tick the yes box the more likely they are a TS girl.

If they only tick one or two boxes then maybe they are just a larger than average woman, or like to always act like they are modeling or are performing in a play.

Ask Them

This sounds simple, but all you need to do is ask. They aren’t trying to trick you, if things go right then they know you are going to find out at some point.

Most transgenders fear that awkward moment in bed when you are expecting them to only have two legs and a third one pops out. If you aren’t really sure and want to know go ahead and ask, they will give you an honest answer.

If you are reading this because you are a bit curious and want to get to know some transgenders but are a bit shy about meeting them in public get some practice online first. MyLadyboyDate is a great trans dating network with tens of thousands of TS girls from all around the world.

You can start chatting with shemales from all over, and who knows maybe you will find some in your area that you can meet. Once you start to chat or hang out with them it will really take your anxiety down a few notches.

They are just people like anyone else, and the more time you spend with them the more you will realize it. MyLadyboyDate is a great way for you to start chatting with trans near you now, work through some of the questions you have, and help you to figure out how you want to proceed.

Hopefully we did a good job of answering what the best ways to tell if someone is a transgender or not are.

How to tell if someone is transgender spotting ladyboys

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