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Meet ladyboys Thailand transsexual hookers online

The best places to meet ladyboys in Thailand can pretty much be summed up in one easy sentence. Anywhere that the tourists will go they will follow.

There is a common theme in Southeast Asia and in most of the world, you will find certain red light areas where there are lots of hookers, and in those areas some of the hookers will be transsexuals. When you want to find ladyboys in Thailand you just need to go to those read light areas and they will likely be the ones to find you.

We will run down many of the most popular cities in the country that guys visit and tell you the main areas of town in each for you to go for the best results. Unlike many cities you don’t need to be searching LGBT bars or drag shows here, you just go to the red light districts and see what you can find.

Of course some may be wondering about the motivations of the Thai ladyboys in various red light districts, and that is kind of the bad news. They are hanging out in these areas for a reason, and that reason is almost always because they want money.

We will be telling you about a great ladyboy dating site that is obviously very popular in this country, and mention another good online dating option as well. Plus we will talk about how to meet trans escorts online if you are too shy to pick them up on the street.

The goal here is to help you be more educated on the Thailand ladyboy scene before you jump into it. Lets go ahead and start with the good news, then give some bad news, and then list the best spots to track down shemales in each city.

We should mention that there have been quite a few searches for trans strip clubs around the country but we are not aware of any at the moment unless you count the Go Go’s. Rest assured that if some open up this post will have the info added.

Good News: Many Ladyboys To Choose From

We aren’t sure if this country has more transsexuals than other countries, but we are pretty damn sure that you will see more here than other places. Even in some other known trans hot spots around the globe you are only likely to come across a handful of trans on a night out.

There are certain rare cities where you might see something like twenty to thirty, but they are extreme outliers. When it comes to ladyboys in Thailand in the main trans hot spots like Bangkok, Pattaya and Phuket it isn’t hard to see a hundred on a given night.

You have Go Go’s full of sexy ts dancers, and can find many more shemales on the streets all around the red light areas. Plus you will even find some ladyboys giving Thai massage, as far as an in your face transgender scene goes nowhere is more in your face then Thailand.

Bad News: They Are Mostly Prostitutes

Yes, the bad news is that most of the ladyboys in the Thailand nightlife near you are going to be prostitutes. They are going to the red light districts for the same reason the girls are, to try and find a customer.

This is still a pretty poor country and most jobs do not pay a living wage that would allow for a good quality of life. Plus transgenders are going to have a harder time finding employment than your average person.

Many turn to prostitution, some guys may look down on that, but that is kind of the situation they have been deal. We are not saying that all ladyboys in Thailand are prostitutes by any means, just that the ones you are likely to meet out and about on your trip will be.

We don’t like to promote prostitution and do think it is much better for you to try to hook up with a trans who isn’t a sex worker. That is why we won’t be linking you to any specific Thai ladyboy escorts or Go Go bars, and we will be telling you about the great online dating possibilities.

Some of the trans on dating sites like MyLadyboyDate and ThaiFriendly will be hookers too, particularly in the more popular cities for tourists. You may want to politely ask them if they want money before you meet them just to make sure.

We like to say that you can’t turn a ho into a housewife. While in a poor country like that we don’t consider this a 100% thing, overall it is still a fool hearty mission most of the time. If you are looking for a life partner, serious trans dating, or are repulsed by prostitutes meet your ladyboys online not out in the nightlife.

If you do meet any in the nightlife be sure to wear a condom and also keep an eye on your drink to make sure you do not get drugged. Now we will go city by city with the easiest spots before we get into the online dating.

Touristy Area In Bangkok

Some of these cities we have already covered extensively and will be linking to in case you want a more in depth read on them. For instance you can read our extensive LadyboyWiki Bangkok guide at that link.

The two biggest red light districts in the city are located right in the touristy area and are roughly a mile apart. We would guess that 95% of the ladyboys in Bangkok who are out on a given night will be in this area.

You have plenty of trans Go Go’s and many street prostitutes in between. Plus there are even ladyboy massage parlors in this area as well.

Of course since this is the biggest city in Thailand by a wide margin you will find more ladyboys on the dating sites here than anywhere else. While the trans you meet after dark are most likely to be hookers there are plenty of good ladyboys who aren’t sex workers here, they are just a little harder to track down.

Pattaya Ladyboy Nightlife

In Pattaya there is also main red light district where many of the ladyboys will be. You will find plenty of street prostitutes here, a ladyboy Go Go, and more Go Go’s not far away over on the various Soi that are nearby.

Plus more trans hookers by the beach. This will definitely be the main ts girl hot spot in Pattaya, and you can find some ladyboy massage parlors over in that area.

As this is the main sexpat destination in the country there are hundreds if not thousands of trans around, but if you meet them online you should always expect they want to be paid unless they say they do not.

Phuket Ladyboys By The Beach

The main beach destination in Thailand is Phuket and ladyboys will be plentiful here as well. Once again just go to the main red light area.

The main place for ladyboy Go Go’s will be here, and you can find some ladyboy massage in this area also.. Around the island you will have other options like in Rawai or over in Chalong.

Last Major Spot Is Chiang Mai

Our last major spot to meet ladyboys in Thailand will be in Chiang Mai. There is a pretty big drop off from Phuket to Chiang Mai, and as this list goes on the drop off will become more and more noticeable.

But plenty of tourists visit this city which means plenty of transsexuals will follow. Like always just walk around the red light areas and they will find you.

You can even find one of the best Thai ladyboy cabaret shows in the world at Anusarn Night Market where the Chiang Mai Cabaret puts on a nightly live drag show. This is also one of the better cities for trans dating online and not just shemale hookers.

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Less Thai Ladyboys On Ko Samui

Another popular beach destination is Ko Samui, but it is nowhere near as popular as Phuket. Fewer tourists means fewer Thai ladyboys on Ko Samui to choose from.

The main nightlife area will be the go to spot. You will find a few Go Go’s and some beer bars with prostitutes here, if you want to find ladyboys that will be the spot to do it.

OK Ladyboy Scene In Udon Thani

Now that we are listing smaller cities that less tourists visit the number of trans you will see will be much more limited. Do not expect any ladyboy bars or Go Go’s in Udon Thani, though you might find one or two working in certain bars.

There are a couple of red light areas in Udon Thani to find ladyboys. Visit either, and walk from one to the other. There are many female street prostitutes along the ten minute walk from one red light area to the other and ladyboys can also be found along the walk at times.

Try To Find Ladyboys In Hua Hin

Hua Hin ladyboys are much like in Udon Thani. This time the main red light area actually will have some ladyboy Go Go’s and massage parlors.

Walk around these red light areas and be on the lookout for Udon Thani ladyboys, you should be able to find some out each night but how many can vary greatly.

Trans Escorts Online

If you use any dating app or chat app you will find plenty of Thai ladyboy escorts offering sex or massage services in your hotel room or home. When swiping right they will be there, and they will probably instantly match with you the second you match with them.

The quickest to match are the most likely to be online escorts. If you meet any ladyboys in Thailand on dating apps we suggest you ask them whether they want to be paid before you meet them if your goal is to avoid prostitutes.

Dating Thailand Ladyboys

We said it before but if you want to try to seriously date Thailand ladyboys then online dating sites are going to be the best way to find them. In cities like Pattaya, Bangkok, and Phuket you still may need to ask whether they are hookers because so many of them are. In smaller cities like Hua Hin or Udon Thani that may not be as necessary.

This sounds like a really rude thing to do that could hurt your chances, but as long as you do it in a polite way it shouldn’t cause any problems. Mention you were just chatting with another ladyboy who said they would come to your hotel for a few thousand baht, then say if you two met would she also like you to pay her?

They know the deal, and know that many of the ts girls on the dating sites will also be hookers. If you don’t mind hooking up with prostitutes then you don’t need to go this route.

The two best dating sites to meet ladyboys in Thailand online will be MyLadyboyDate and ThaiFriendly. These are both huge sites with many trans users.

MyLadyboyDate is the largest ts dating site on the planet and probably will be your best option for good and genuine Thai ladyboys you don’t have to pay to meet. There are thousands of trans users across the country on it, of course the biggest cities have the most.

ThaiFriendly isn’t only for trans but you can quickly and easily change your search setting at the top right. The first option asks if you are looking for girls, men, or ladyboys, select the one you want to search for.

We do think that site will probably have a higher percentage of hookers, but haven’t done any studies to prove that. Either way if you are looking for the best places to meet ladyboys in Thailand that aren’t prostitutes online dating will give you your best chance.

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