Best Places To Meet Shemales In Tijuana

Tijuana shemale prostitutes red light travesti escorts

The best places to meet shemales in Tijuana mostly revolve around transsexual prostitutes. The red light district here is famous worldwide, and where there are female prostitutes the trans will follow.

So many guys from the US cross the border every weekend to let loose and party hard. They come in with lots of American dollars to spend and throw them around like play money because to them everything is so cheap in Mexico.

But to the shemale prostitutes in Tijuana they are spending big bucks, and Mexican transgenders from all across the country come here for that easy money. They may also have a thing for gringo dick as well, but the money is probably the biggest draw for them.

We aren’t saying that 100% of the shemales you will meet in Tijuana are prostitutes, but a very high percentage of them will be. That doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t find a nice, genuine ts girl here for dating either, but making a ho into a housewife has been attempted many times and rarely works out well.

This post will give you some ideas of how to find a good transgender for dating, but in a town like this we mostly have to focus on the prostitution and red light entertainment. That is what this city is all about after all.

One important note, travesti is the word for shemales in Mexico and in most Spanish speaking countries. If you take our later advice and do your hunting online be on the lookout for travesti.

Shemale Prostitutes In Tijuana

We don’t really enjoy writing posts like this that are mostly about prostitution, the goal of this site is to help guys find transgender life partners or trans to date, not to promote red light activities. But when it comes to Tijuana shemales the prostitutes are the biggest part of the story so they must come first.

Zona Norte is the main red light district in the city. Here you will find all sorts of strip clubs with short time rooms attached where you can have sex, they are pretty much brothels but are often referred to as strip clubs.

You won’t find transsexuals at most of the popular strip clubs here like Hong Kong Club, they will be out on the street pounding the pavement. As you walk around anywhere in the red light area there will be trans prostitutes around.

However the main area to find shemale prostitutes is on Articulo 123 and F Martinez. This intersection is often referred to as ‘Tranny Island’ and would be the most guaranteed spot to find them.

They will also be roaming the streets all over this section of town, but it does need to be pointed out that this is not really the safest place for you to go. Right in the middle of the red light district you will be safe, but the further you walk away from it the sketchier these streets get so be careful.

Getting in a taxi and asking him to take you to Tranny Island would not be a bad idea at all. You can also find shemale online escorts in Tijuana on Craigslist, Backpage, or by doing a Google search for shemale or travesti escorts in Tijuana.

Trans Bars & Drag Shows

Many of these are more like LGBT bars where you can sometimes find Tijuana trans to try and pick up. There are also some live drag shows like Tijuana Garage, you can check that link for their upcoming schedule of cross dressing events.

For some LGBT bars where you might find some shemales head to:

Hawaii Bar is known for sexy trans strippers in Tijuana, and you could probably have sex with them at a short time hotel nearby if you were willing to pay for it. In case anyone is wondering you do not need to search out shemale friendly hotels in Tijuana, if you have cash they will open their doors for you.

There is an LGBT nightlife area near Plaza Santa Cecilia where you might also have some luck finding ts girls.

Dating Tijuana Shemales

Now for the guys who are hoping to find a Tijuana shemale for dating or to make their life partner. Lets start off by reminding you that even if you meet a transgender here there is a good chance they are a hooker or they were once.

That doesn’t necessarily mean they couldn’t make a great ts life partner, but the odds are pretty slim. The biggest trans dating network in the world is MyLadyboyDate and it will definitely be your best chance.

However if you are reading this from California or anywhere in the US we would suggest that you have a better chance of meeting a good trans for dating outside of this city. Like we mentioned before, a ho doesn’t generally make a great housewife.

There are plenty of sexy transgenders all over Southern California on MyLadyboyDate, and thousands across the US. You also will probably find some in Tijuana, and there will be hundreds across Mexico if you are reading this north of the border.

Now you know about the best places to meet shemales in Tijuana, go and try to make the best of them.Tijuana shemale escort services meet travesti online

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